Join a growing team of world-class M&A advisors providing innovative, trustworthy, and strategic investment solutions to the middle-market.

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At ESA, we are committed to delivering exceptional financial advice and services to our middle-market clients while creating value for our employees and communities. We believe in leveraging our expertise and resources to drive sustainable growth and progress for all stakeholders. As part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our clients' success while growing your own career in a supportive and collaborative environment.

If you're looking to join a purpose-driven company that values excellence, integrity, and teamwork, ESA may be the right fit for you.

Why ESA?

Benefit 1

M&A transactions often involve large deal sizes, resulting in substantial fees for the firms involved. As an employee of ESA, you will have the opportunity to earn significant financial rewards through performance bonuses and profit-sharing arrangements.

Benefit 2

M&A transactions involve complex financial analysis, due diligence, negotiation, and deal structuring. Working with ESA will allow you to develop and enhance skills in these areas. You will gain hands-on experience in financial modeling, valuation techniques, market research, and legal aspects of deal-making. This knowledge is highly transferrable and valuable in various finance and business roles.

Benefit 3

Working at ESA will allow you to specialize in specific industries or sectors includingmanufacturing, industrials, business services, and software & technology. Working with thefirm will allow you to develop deep industry expertise. You will become well-versed in the trends, challenges, and opportunities with the sectors we have chosen to specialize, enabling you to provide valuable insights and advisory services to clients.

Benefit 4

Finally, M&A transactions involve collaboration with various professionals, including lawyers, investment bankers, commercial bankers, financial wealth advisors, accountants, and industry experts. Working at ESA will expose you to wide network of professionals and potential clients. Building relationships within the industry can lead to future career opportunities, business partnerships, and referrals.

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Job Listings

ESA Intern Analyst

As an intern analyst with Exit Strategy Advisors, you will play an integral role in the firm’s transaction process.  Analyst interns work side by side with M&A Advisors receiving on the job training in all aspects of Sell-side and Buy-side transactions in the lower middle market from market launch to closing across multiple industry sectors.

ESA M&A Advisor

Our team of M&A Advisors comes from diverse career paths and backgrounds, mirroring the varied businesses we represent. Our top performers possess a client-centric mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, optimism, and an innate ability to independently solve problems, all while having a genuine passion for unraveling the inner workings of successful businesses. Previous experiences as attorneys, business owners, CPAs, or industry-specific consultants greatly contribute to thriving in our industry.

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